Welcome to Kai Chi Do
Kai Chi Do is an Exercise for a Conscious Connection to Oneself, Source, and Others.  It is a body-oriented technique, that utilizes movement, breathwork, meditation and music to calm the mind and elevate consciousness.
The Breathwork techniques in Kai Chi Do accelerate the benefits of the movements, aid circulation, and relax mental barriers.
Synchronized movement.  Synchronized breath.  Makes One Movement, One Breath, One Community.
  5 Elements
Yuan  -  Root
Kongqi  -  Air
Hua  -  Fire
Shui  - Water
Dadi  - Earth
    2 Types of Breath
SA Breath
Aahh Breath
8 Basic Movements
Over and Under
Chi Circles
As Above So Below
Holding Center while world goes round
Pumping the Earth
Reach for the Sky
Embrace the Magic
What Is Kai Chi Do ?