We Are All Connected
Angel And Kai Chi Do
Kai Chi Do is truly an amazing Universal Gift for all to
experience in the truest form of authenticity.  It is Above
and Beyond the words we have to choose from.  The
best way to know Kai Chi Do is through experiencing it
and the process.
In its simplest form it weaves within and throughout
Oneself sharing Love, Purity, Happiness, Peace and
Transformation bringing Unification to Self, Source,
and Others.  
The magic of the breath, music, movements, and
meditation carry you on a fulfilling journey lifting you to
the highest aspects of your well BE-ing.
In the latter part of 2015 I experienced the tail end of  a
Kai Chi Do circle in Dadi which is the Earth Element.  I
was a part of the circle for about the last 10 minutes.  
As tremendous Love and vastness traveled through me I
knew I wanted to know everything about Kai Chi Do
and  wanted to share it with others.  I felt truly blessed
to have been a part of it and Knew that it was a Calling
for me to explore further.  In December of 2015 I took
an instructor class and became a Certified Kai Chi Do
Kai Chi Do has changed my life in totality.  It has
welcomed me, healed me, and lifted me in to many ways
to describe.  It’s vastness and layers are the purest form
that I have been blessed to be a part of and experience
in my life.
Through the Knowing of Kai Chi Do it has shown me,
guided me, and strengthened me with its pureness and
steadfastness.  It is a Blessing and an Honor to be
Entwined with Kai Chi Do.
All Kai Chi Do circles are dedicated to World Peace.
We are all One!     One family!     One Tribe!
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  I invite you to experience the Magic of Kai Chi Do